The waste industry is changing.

Your waste is an opportunity to develop your core business. 

Something big is happening in the waste management space. 

Decades of raising awareness is starting to pay off as innovators and regulators rush to address challenges that were previously ignored. 

Australia is seeing major changes in the practical realities and attitudes towards waste as well. The waste export ban is being complemented with state-wide stewardship schemes, and the industry is investing in new and innovative technologies to upgrade our country’s waste infrastructure, some notable examples include large scale plastics recycling plants as well as waste to energy projects in most states. 

The government (both state and federal) must lead, but the slow-moving nature of the legislative process means that we can’t expect the regulators to drive change in issues that fall outside of major policy areas. 

For that to happen, waste generating industries need to adapt a national cooperative approach where fierce competitors set their differences aside in the waste space, knowing that they, as generators, share the clearest incentive to make sure that their waste streams get the proper attention. 

With all this momentum building we have an opportunity to bring Australia to the forefront of the global movement. Even as the government is struggling to find its feet on important questions like carbon pricing, the private sector can see which way the wind is blowing, and that short-sighted waste solutions doesn’t cut it anymore, as stakeholder engagement is increasing across the board.      

At Westref Enviro, we are hoping to make our own small contribution and help our clients along the sometimes challenging but always inspiring road ahead of us!