WESTREF enviro takes a collaborative approach to waste stream management.
We know that our clients may have different needs and challenges, but that our ultimate goals are aligned. Together we work to assess and address the needs and ambitions of our clients so that they can focus on what they do best, while knowing that the environmental footprint of the activity is constantly managed and actively reduced.

Bespoke Solutions

Waste generation is a consequence of all human activity, but each waste has its own unique characteristics and challenges.

WESTREF enviro can help with process design, concept verification as well as leveraging a large international network of technology providers, processers and buyers.

Combined with our local experience and network, we can create progressive solutions for any waste stream regardless of volume.

If you are generating a unique waste stream – WESTREF enviro can improve the efficiency of handling as well as your financial and environmental outcomes.

Tender Support

The safe and efficient handling of waste is an issue that needs attention in all industries.

Very few private or public tender does not contain a section on environmental impact and waste handling from the tendered activity.

We know that it can be almost impossible to handle this aspect without strong support from an industry participant. We aim to provide a quick and comprehensive service, that strengthens the product/service offering while maintaining overall competitiveness.

Working together we can create a bespoke solution for the situation at hand and enhance the attractiveness of our clients offer.

Waste Stream Management

Making sure generated waste materials end up at the right place is at the core of everything we do.

Diverting materials from landfill means Increasing the percentage of materials reused and recycled and takes us closer to the goal of a circular economy.

To do this we rely on our experience and partners in logistics, consolidation, treatment and disposal and a strong network of users and buyers of waste derived resources and materials. Our clients appreciate our ability to provide quotes any on waste material quickly and with transparent outcomes, no matter the source or volume.

We are currently in the process of licencing our own waste transfer station to enhance our abilities and to be able to provide clients with even more value and flexibility.

Hazardous Waste

Dealing with hazardous waste means always taking a safety-first approach. Minimizing risks for our clients and the community, while making sure that recovery rates are as high as possible.

Our team has the experience to guarantee that our processes and documentation up to and exceeding industry standards.

Examples of hazardous waste that WESTREF enviro can assist with:

Acids and Alkalis
AFFF/PFAS Contaminated Foam, Waters etc.
Arsenic and cyanide
Cleaning products
Glycols and other coolants
Heavy metal containing wastes
Laboratory and Medical wastes
Oil and hydrocarbon waste solid,
liquid and sludge
Paints, inks, solvents, thinners
PCB contaminated material
Waste waters